“Gang Dance” at the Cinema São Jorge!

My VR360 short film “Gang Dance” ready for viewing in Lisbon as part of the Festa do Cinema Italiano from April 1 to 3 in staging at Cinema São Jorge! I am excited about this screening (details are here), and moved by the words of presentation written by the festival organizers: “A colossal project, premiered in Milan at the Filmmaker Festival. A dance performance that engages and oppresses, denying any form of escape. A symbolic journey into the universe of social networks, reflecting on the abuse of bodies and images, between exposure and sharing.”

A marvel! Go if you are in Lisbon, free entrance.

“Gang Dance” at the “Festa do Cinema Italiano”!

My VR360 short film “Gang Dance” keeps on rolling, this time for its Portuguese premiere! In fact, it has been selected for the prestigious Lusitanian festival wholly dedicated to Italian cinema that after seven days of performances in Lisbon then moves to all the most important Portuguese cities. The Festa do Cinema Italiano – now in its sixteenth edition – will start on March 29 in Lisbon and continue until April 6.

I am really happy with this selection, for me and for my whole team, especially my right-hand man Mikael Moiner, who magnificently took care of all the technical and visual part of the short film!

World premiere in Milan for “Gang Dance”!

This piece of news that makes me crazy with joy! My VR360 short film “Gang Dance” will have its world premiere in Milan tomorrow Friday, Nov. 25, in the Aula Crociera Alta at the University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, and will be shown starting at 3 p.m.

In fact, “Gang Dance” has been selected by the magnificent Filmmaker Festival (started in 1980!) that is being held from November 18 to 28 this year. Continue reading

The Trailer of “Gang Dance” is Online!

I am finally ready with the trailer of “Gang Dance”, please enjoy, although only in a flat version!

I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this gigantic enterprise, it would not have been possible without you!

My gratitude goes first of all to Mikael Moiner, who did basically everything in terms of cameras and post production, and then Lovisa Charlier, Rebecca Evanne, Jesse Todd Bechard, Gustaf Jönsson, Toby Kassell, Oliver Mahar, Luisa Fanciullacci, Carl Erskine, Berith Stennabb, Cassandra Hedberg, Flemming Borgen-Nielsen, Sara Tirelli, Therese Larsson, Per Larsson, Adriana Rosati, Adriana S. Tiago, and to all the partners and friends involved:
Linholmen Science Park Visual Arena – Gorki Glaser-Müller, Catrine Henriksson, Gunnar Eriksson
Västra Götalands Region / Filmcloud – Martin Hammar, Anna Åkerström, Lotta Eldh
Kultur i Halland – Anna Eriksson
Gothenburg Film Studios – Paul Blomgren DoVan, Ylva Olsson
Film i Väst – Cattrine Fransson, Gus Kaage
Filmkontoret Göteborg – Ulf Sigvardsson, Martina Eriksdotter
Atalante – Niklas Rydén, Hannes Rydén, Tomas Persson Carlberg
and Olof Persson, Catherine McGilvray, Monica Milocco, Per Vihlevi

A poster for “Gang Dance”!

I am so happy, proud and thrilled to present the new poster for my new VR short film “Gang Dance”, created by my favorite designer Adriana Rosati, based on the magnificent set photo by Per Larsson illustrating the great dancer Toby Kassell! I just love it!

Working on the final editing of the VR film to meet the Venice VR Expanded deadline!

My editor Mikael Moiner is working madly to complete the editing of out Virtual Reality short “Gang Dance” before May 31st, which is the deadline for the 78. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica di Venezia – Biennale del Cinema.
I am of course just dreaming out loud, but you never know…

My project selected by Visual Arena Lab!

NOW I can finally disclose this sparkling piece of news!!

My VR film project Gang Dance (which is part of my larger project Silent Flesh) has been selected by Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park for financing and technical support! Now I have five weeks ahead of me to create the world’s coolest VR dance short film ever made so far!

I humbly thank Gorki Glaser-Müller, Ylva Olsson, Martin Hammar and Anna Eriksson who believed my project was worthwhile!
I feel challenged – to say the least! – but I know I will get help from Mikael Moiner for all the technicalities, guidance by Lovisa Charlier and hopefully more support and help from those who will want to undertake this short and intense journey with me!

I am also proud that a still from my installation Just Looking was selected as an illustration image for Visual Arena’s post, even more so because it portrays my friend Valeria Palmacci, choreographer, dancer and actress who participated in that project, who’s having her birthday just today! ❤