I am co-editor-in-chief for La poesia e lo spirito, an Italian lit-blog.

I have written over 200 articles about various issues, often with a feminist perspective, but also many reviews (cinema, art, jazz, theater, dance), essays etcetera. They have been generally been published on Italian magazines and newspaper (printed and web).  Among them Accattone, Bcomeblog, BlackmailMag, Carmilla, Carta, Diario, FaM, Giuseppe Genna, Grandevetro, Inciquid, Kai Zen, Le Donne Visibili, Loop Magazine, Micromega, Music on Tnt, Nazione Indiana, Off, Origine, Rassegna Sindacale, Slowcult, TabulaRasa, Terranullius, Toilet and Unonove.

Some of them are available in translation on this website, please check the relevant category, thank you!