Presentation of “The Wedding Cake” at the Göteborg Film Festival’s premiere!

Oh… it’s been so exciting to introduce “The Wedding Cake” for its Swedish premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival! Here’s some photos with most of the team!!

A review of “The Wedding Cake” on Ubiquarian

Very glad about this positive review of “The Wedding Cake” written by

The winner of the RVK Feminist Film Festival’s International Sister competition is The Wedding Cake, a very peculiar animated short film written and directed by Monica Mazzitelli. It’s a film that further blurs the line between the documentary and fiction via stop-motion animation using the Playmobile figures as characters and objects and the titular wedding cake that, over the course of the film’s under four minutes of runtime, gets eaten away. Next stop for the film will be the Reality Bites programme of the Gothenburg International Film Festival. Continue reading

“The Wedding Cake” wins RVK Feminist Film Festivalen in Reykjavik!

I am soooo surprised and delighted! I was so thrilled when I was notified that “The Wedding Cake” had been selected by RVK Fem Film Fest in the first place and honestly that was more than enough for me!

Imagine my surprise when María Lea Ævarsdóttir told me I had won!

Here’s the jury motivation: “The “Sister Award” for International Film goes to a short film that, at just under 4 minutes, packs a powerful story punch. A young woman is forced to become a prostitute in order to settle her husband’s debts. Her destiny is narrated in a powerful voice over through Playmobil figures and a wedding cake that disappears along with the woman’s illusions.”

“The Sister Award goes to Director Monica Mazzitelli for her short film, “Wedding Cake.”

I want to thank everyone that made it possible, first of all my wonderful genious husband Mikael Moiner Photography that did all the shooting, editing and colorgrading, Adriana Rosati who is the visual artist of the cake and the scenography, Astrid Hallén that gave her voice to my “Anna”, Veli-Matti Äijälä for the music and Riccardo Cimino from Suonilab for the audio master, Amer Kapetanović as additional lighting and Giulia Colavolpe Severi for the translations.
Furthermore – or first of all! – I want to thank  Simon Häggström for his restless fight against prostitution and the organization Talita that works 24/7/365 to give young victims of the sex trade an opportunity to start a new life. This project is dedicated to you as it would not have been possible without you 

“The Wedding Cake” selected by the Gothenburg Film Festival!

I am so excited! My short “The Wedding Cake” was selected by the Göteborg Filmfestival 2020!

The screening is part of the short film program “Reality Bites” that is shown four times with the following schedule:
Sun 26 January − 12:15 − Göta 1 – Screening 4073
Tue 28 January − 18:30 − Haga 2 – Screening 567
Fri 31 January − 16:30 − Haga 1 − Screening 841
Sun 2 February − 16:30 − Haga 1 – Screening 1062

Info & tickets here.