“Gang Dance” at the “Festa do Cinema Italiano”!

My VR360 short film “Gang Dance” keeps on rolling, this time for its Portuguese premiere! In fact, it has been selected for the prestigious Lusitanian festival wholly dedicated to Italian cinema that after seven days of performances in Lisbon then moves to all the most important Portuguese cities. The Festa do Cinema Italiano – now in its sixteenth edition – will start on March 29 in Lisbon and continue until April 6.

I am really happy with this selection, for me and for my whole team, especially my right-hand man Mikael Moiner, who magnificently took care of all the technical and visual part of the short film!

Standing against the Taliban

Standing against the Taliban hatred of women is not a choice. Not a luxury. Not an social media time-passing. It is our duty as women, as humans, as citizens under the law, as a human race.
We cannot watch 19 million girls and women being wiped out from the face of earth simply because a few powerful persons, mostly men, decided to give power to a terrorist group to do so and do so with impunity.
We cannot celebrate education today and we cannot advocate for skills in EU in 2023 when our sisters education and skills are being shredded into pieces.
Yes Afghan women will continue resisting, they will open underground schools and they will teach girls at home. Yes some of them will go to hidden or private universities. Yes some will access grants and online courses. But how many? How many out of 19 million? And why do they need to do it in secrecy , under threats of bullets and lynching, in fear of being caught and persecuted?
It is not good enough to say “we feel sorry for Afghan women”. We call the European women and European institutions to act in unity to reject the Taliban in all its forms and in “all its diversity”. To make a clear condition that Afghan women’s rights are NOT conditional and to remember that some Taliban is walking among us today too! It is not only the Afghan problem.
#RejectTaliban #Kickouttaliban #stoptaliban #listentowomen #educationday #letherlearn #letherspeak #standupforwomensrights #afghanistan #afghanwomen #womensrightsarehumanrights
Photo Mikael Moiner 

Thank you IFEMA!

What an amazing experience the Ifema filmfestival with my short “Just Looking” screened in front of a sold-out theater Panora in Malmö! Thank you for organizing such an exciting and memorable event that filled my heart with joy, pride and love 🙏🏻

And congratulations to my filmmaking sisters for having made so relevant, meaningful and beautiful shorts, it was such an excellent program! Shortfilm at its best! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻