Women, reject your menstrual pain

I have been sitting on this article for many years: it has taken this long for me to finally feel ready to metabolize such a delicate subject as the loss of my ability to be a mother. And even if I’m still feeling resistant to the idea of retracing my calvary, I have decided to do it to settle an intimate debt of sisterhood to all women, who I want to honor at any cost.

We’re talking about a disease that’s very common but virtually unknown. Not only to us laypeople, unfortunately, but to doctors themselves. Not only to general practitioners—if only that were so—but also to specialists, or rather gynecologists, both male and female, who should, really should, know everything about this disease that strikes 176 million women on this planet. One hundred and seventy-six million women. Conservative figures refer to 10% of the female population. Continue reading

Honorary member of “Dignity No Profit People”

Some of you may know that my biggest success as a directress is a short documentary called “Dignity” which I filmed in Mozambique 3 years ago. It is about some girls that lived in an orphanage and it affected me deeply. Travelling to Africa and film these girls was by no means a directing experience for me but just the first sparkle of a longlasting cooperation with a project that actually changed from what it was to become something new and different. Dignity film turned into Dignity No Profit People because Emanuela Bonavolta and I realized that these girls were growing up and needed something more than security and education. They needed inspiration to develop into what they wanted to be, and they they need our economical support to reach their goals. So much has happened since then, the organization has supported them in many ways and so many more challenging projects are ahead of us. Therefore, I feel extremely glad and honored to receive this honorary membership today. Thank you.