“Dignity” wins the “Città di Lecce” award at the Lecce Film Festival!

I am SO HAPPY!!! “Dignity” won the “Città di Lecce” award at the Lecce Film Fest! In the photo taken from the piece published on AffariItaliani.it, Nicola Neto, co-organizer of the festival with Ornella Striani, receives the prize for me from the hands of Paolo Perrore, Lecce’s Mayor. The prize, assigned by Luigi Coclite, Culture and Tourism City Councillor, is a paper-mâché sculpture representing a detail of the façade of the Santa Croce Cathedral in Lecce, made by the artist Carmen Rampino. I couldn’t be happier!!

“Dignity” selected for the grand Istanbul Filmmor Festival!

I believe that the logo of this Turkish festival dedicated to women directors by itself says so much about me and what I stand for, that I need no words to express how happy and moved I am for having been selected for it.

The Filmmor Festival is rich with ideas, energy and beauty: all that the girls represented in the film possess. I am sincerely hoping to be able to attend in person, it is what the girls deserve!