“Dignity” at the KO&digital and the 3 Little Wolves festivals!

So many amazing things! It is hard to keep up with the pace of my own stuff sometimes, so the moment I would need to write a post they become two! So many gifts from life…

Dignity is selected for two more festivals, the KO&digital (with screening of November 9) and the 3 Little Wolves, aka the “Children First: Anthropological Film Festival of Children and Youth”. Both of them are really cool festival, with lots of deep and interesting issues, mind and heart opening. I am so happy!

Frozen Polaroid: Thron Ullberg extreme photography


What distinguishes an artist of photography from a simple photographer? In this age of so much banality and an overdose of photography it should be difficult to find the boundary, and yet it isn’t. Because a photograph has energy, spirit, originality, a disturbing quality, or it doesn’t – despite filters, cropping and other post-production contortions. And the photography of Swede Thron Ullberg – currently with a one-person show called Vilsen (Lost) at the Elf Galleri in Gothenburg – is almost more art than photography. Continue reading

“Dignity” wins the “Children World” prize at the Salento Finibus Terrae!

This piece of news is actually a couple of months old, as this all happened at the end of July! But as I was trekking on mountain tops back then, I decided to wait for the announcement until I received a courier with my winning award, so that I could show it to you!

I am happy beyond word for having won this prize at such a beautiful and important festival as the  Salento Finibus Terrae, driven with passion until its 14th edition by the director Romeo Conte.