“The Wedding Cake” Won the Cultura Caotica FF!

I am very glad to announce that The Wedding Cake won the 12th edition of the Cultura Caotica Film Festival!

This was the 79th festival competition for The Wedding Cake (and most probably the last!) and it feels strange and astonishing how far this little film managed to travel since the beginning of its journey, two years ago! With 15 wins and 10 nominations, I am honestly very satisfied.

I am truly thankful to everyone who gave their contribution to make it possible! My big gratitude to Mikael Moiner, Adriana Rosati, Astrid Hallén, Veli-Matti O Äijälä, Amer Kapetanović, Riccardo Cimino, Giulia Colavolpe Severi and last but not least of course Simon Häggström and Talita.

Thank you all for an amazing 2021!

I was so lucky to end this fruitful 2021 will this lovely trophy assigned by the Noto International Film Festival, to the editor of The Wedding Cake, Mikael Moiner!

It’s been quite an amazing journey for me, with some 40 festival selections, resulting in 5 finals and 7 wins! I have also received two funds to complete my feature for which The Wedding Cake is a pilot (The Ultimate Prostitution & Porn Anthology) and could thus complete a total of 4 chapters of the 16 that the film will constitute of!

I have been invited as budding talent to both of the encompassing event in Sweden, Uppsala and Bergman’s Week, and I have also received a grant for the test translation from Italian to Swedish of my coming novel Klara!

I have held some exciting masterclasses about short film distribution and social media strategies and I also translated some poems by the Swedish iconic poetess Karin Boye into Italian.

It’s been a mind-blowing unimaginable year, and I want to thank each of the jury members, consultants, advisors and voters for giving me such a responsive, beautiful feedback about my work: you made it a very special year for me!