“Dignity” winning the Award of Excellence at the International Film Festival For Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination 2016 in Jakarta

Awaiting for the International Film Festival For Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination’s final result, that will be advised on March 3rd, some of the awards have been recently released.

I am very proud that Dignity was among the few films to obtain the first of them, the “Award of Excellence”.

“Dignity” in Neaples!

This morning Dignity, my documentary film, is going to be screened in three schools in central Naples: Sogliano, Ristori and S. Maria di Costantinopoli, before a huge public of over 400 13-years-old students.
I am delighted because apart from film festivals, which are thrilling events, my big goal when making this film was to have teen-agers watching it.
So I am very thankful to Maestro Max Fuschetto who not only gave his music for free to the film, but also managed to organize these huge events today!
Unfortunately, I cannot attend, as I am too far away, but Emanuela Bonavolta, O Viveiro manager, is there with all her usual contagious passion. I am so happy!

“Dignity” wins the iChill Manila Film Festival!

So sweet news that Dignity won first prize in the documentary film category at this small festival in the Philippines!

I am especially glad it did because the festival gives special attention to issues that are very close to my heart, such as LGBT and freethinking. Even though Dignity does not have that hue specifically, I am very honored that a jury with this kind of mind chose it as Best Documentary for the 2016 edition.