New piece for Feminist Current: “Exposing youth to porn is dangerous, but the harms of pornography don’t end there”

In June, the government of New Zealand launched a public advertising campaign to warn about the consequences of pornography on minor consumers.

The ad shows a male and a female porn actor walking up to a house, naked, to inform the shocked mother who opens the door that her young son is consuming pornography from all the available electronic devices in the house. They tell her this is harmful for the boy as, “he does not know how relationships actually work,” and because, in porn, they don’t talk about consent. The female porn actress, “Sue,” tells the mother she and her partner “usually perform for adults, but your son’s just a kid.” The male actor, “Derrick,” stresses that he “would never act like that in real life.” The distressed mother is prompted to talk to her son “about the difference between what you see online and real-life relationships.” Continue reading

#InternetIsARight #InternetEsUnDerecho

I am so proud and happy I have been accepted as member by the organization European Network of Migrant Women, which I have followed very closely for the last four years! My first act is producing this short supporting video about digital inclusion for disadvantaged women, as a contribution to the campaign #InternetEsUnDerecho  started by the Spanish association Por Ti Mujer.

“The Wedding Cake” in São Paulo and Madrid!

So glad to announce two more festivals have selected “The Wedding Cake”!
It will be competing at the 31st São Paulo International Short Film Festival , organized by Associação Cultural Kinoforum. It will be held from 20th to 30th of August, as an online event. I am very honored to show my short!


I am also selected by the huge Short of the Year Festival for the coming Spring 2021 edition! It is a very tough competition there, so please keep your fingers crossed!