City Nights: Sweden’s most rockish jazz

A very solid, powerful and conscious debut by City Nights, Swedish band composed by some of the best and most requested Swedish jazz musicians from the younger generation. Andreas Hourdakis, to begin with, guitarist of Magnus Öström (Esbjörn Svensson Trio), Nils Jansson, the most interesting trumpet player of his generation, the great groover Martin Höper on bass, and Chris Montgomery on drums, with his rich and versatile punctuation.
The album touches and immediately goes beyond jazz rock, almost creating a new style, if one had to give a genre definition. Freedom from jazz and rock becomes the most distant point from both poles, making the fusion free from usual schemes. There are elements of rock, indierock, jazz and progressive, often used in an innovative and unprecedented, unexpected way. And the fantastic interplay resulting from the fusion of instruments and inspiration is really the alchemy that makes each piece interesting and easy to remember.

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Daniel Karlsson on Dagens Nyheter

I turned 50 on the 22nd of August. I was feeling “worried” about this birthday in some ways, but it turned out to be the funnies, sweetest and most memorable I experienced in my life so far, with Daniel Karlsson releasing his new “Duo” album with genius Thomas Markusson on double bass, playing for me. And in the morning, as soon as I woke up, I read this interview that Karlsson released for Sweden’s most prominent daily newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, where he tells a lot about me and our partnership.
Best birthday ever 🙂