Daniel Karlsson’s talent explodes in his new album “Fusion for Fish”

Writing about this album should be quite difficult for me, because I lack the detachment that’s supposedly needed for a subjective elaboration. Metaphorically, if I touched the grooves of this vinyl recording, I’d be able to recognize every tiny trace, sound, "unclean" piece of recording, the finger pressing on the black key, on the white, the bow on the string, the brush on the drum skin. I’ve followed this CD’s path since before it was born, as my artistic collaboration with Daniel Karlsson had already begun with his previous album, so I had the chance to listen to many of the tracks before they were recorded, letting images arise in my consciousness: some of them materialized in the video that turned out to be one of my favorites, “Mrs. Mermaid”.
But shall we start at the beginning? I’ll try [she wrote with a smile].

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Daniel Karlsson: 2014 Best Jazz Band!!!!

Sono talmente felice da non riuscire a fermare le lacrime di gioia: Daniel Karlsson ha appena vinto il più prestigioso e importante premio di jazz svedese, l'equivalente di un'Oscar: lo Jazzkatten.

Daniel Karlsson Trio just won the most important and prestigious Swedish award for Jazz: the "Jazzkatten". This is so well deserved, and I can't stop crying my tears of joy….

Maria Pia De Vito: narrowing the gap

“Remind the gap” concert at the Roma Summer Jazz Festival, September 3rd, 2014

Maria Pia De Vito: voice
Claudio Filippini: piano, keyboards
Luca Bulgarelli: bass
Walter Paoli: drums

There are many gaps that the Empress of the Italian vocal jazz filled in with this precious gig at the Rome Summer Jazz Festival. Starting with being back in concert again with her band from Mind the Gap, her very refined album from 2009 that contained original compositions and covers, from Hendrix to Björk. And while we thought we had just paid the price of a concert ticket, we had instead the privilege of assisting to a reunion, and witness a vibrant joy that filled the stage with twinkling smiles, glances, gestures and playfulness.

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