The Coltrane Code and Dignity at the Terra di Siena Film Festival!

Big news! For the 19th edition of the Terra di Siena Film Festival both The Coltrane Code and Dignity are selected!
The official presentation of the festival tomorrow, September 23rd, at the Rome Casa del Cinema, at 12.30 pm.

Both films will be screened October 1st at 3.30 pm at Nuovo Pendola theater in Siena.
The most amazing piece of news is that there will be with me non only Cinzia Bolognini (my assistant and editor) but also Emanuela Bonavolta, from O Viveiro, and above all Liliana Carlos Bruto, one of Dignity‘s the extraordinary leading protagonist!

It will be a very emotionally intense afternoon, not only for me but also – I’m sure – for all those who are attending to meet the very sweet, but also very strong, Liliana.

The Coltrane Code selected for Visioni Corte International Film Festival!

I am delighted to announce that my short film The Coltrane Code has already been selected for its first international festival!
It is competing at the Visioni Corte Film Festival to be held at the Minturno Castle 6-10 October 2015. I am very proud of having been selected for the final, especially as this festival has just won the award for Best Italian Short Film Festival, the “Silver Frame – Festival dei Festival”.

The Coltrane Code, my new short film, a noir spy story!

Finally online the teaser of my latest short film, The Coltrane Code!

This time i decided to shoot a short spy story with a noir taste, playing with some stereotypes. there are more messages here than what one would imagine, even though I am possibly the only one who pays attention to them 🙂 The story was taken from a dream done by a prestigious Swedish sax player, Joakim Milder, who posted it on fb: something clicked there, and I decided to shoot it.

I hope it is a good story, and this is the synopsis:
A saxophonist returns to his hotel after a gig. In his room, he finds a woman that introduces herself as Irina. She tells him she was at the gig, asks him if he would like to transfer coded messages through music. Will he become a spy?

Here’s the titles, anyway:

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