“The Wedding Cake” at the Falvaterra FF!

The Wedding Cake selected by the Falvaterra Film Festival, a very nice new festival in a charming town south of Rome that will take place at the end of July! I am very glad for this selection and it would be great to reach to the final!

An annual grant from the Swedish Authors’ Fund!

I am surprised and moved that the Commission for the Sveriges Författarfond (Swedish Writers’ Fund) has judged me worthy of an annual literature fund! My new novel “Klara” will be ready in both Italian and Swedish this autumn!

Festival Number 80 for “The Wedding Cake”!

I have not submitted The Wedding Cake to new festivals since a while – feeling very satisfied about my results so far! – but a friend really wanted me to go for a very special one that has a magical aura, the LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival holding its 9th edition in September this year. I am totally thrilled that they selected my film and I can’t wait to see how the Sardinian audience will receive it!

In fact, it will be my premiere on Sardinia, and I will do all possible to be there in person! It is a big celebration also because with LIFE AFTER OIL IFF The Wedding Cake reaches eighty festival selections! I feel incredibly proud and I want to celebrate in person in the small town of Villanovaforru on 20-24 September. Continue reading

“The Wedding Cake” screened one year after at the Doc.London!

As I announced last year, The Doc.London Documentary Film Festival selected The Wedding Cake for the 2021 festival, but due to the COVID-19 situation the screening was postponed to the 2022 edition.

So, it is now due for next Monday March 28th from 8-10 pm, a week from today, at the Close-Up Film Centre in 97 Sclater Street, London, but unfortunately/fortunately the event is sold out already! Reserving tickets for this screening is no longer possible, but some more tickets will free up at the front desk on the evening of the screening.

I feel very sad for not attending, but hopefully my super amazing set designer Adriana Rosati will be there to catch the festival vibes for me!

“The Wedding Cake” at Cortincarcere!

I feel so excited and honored that The Wedding Cake, in addition to being a finalist at the Social Film Festival ArTelesia last year, continues its path inside the festival through a screening today at the auditorium of the Benevento Prison, as an initiative of the “Cortincarcere” project!
I am really pleased that my short is shown in this context, which is one of the most important possible.

Entangled in the simultaneous moments of take-off and landing – by Paul Wu

Images by Jessica Lindgren-Wu

Sometimes you understand a person is a talented writer just from the way they talk and act. It happened to me with Paul Wu. I felt that way and then I read one of his stories, which I loved. Therefore, I decided to translate it from English to Italian for La poesia e lo spirito Blog. Here it is, in both languages, illustrated by the photo composition created by Jessica Lindgren-Wu. Enjoy!

Imprigionato nell’istante simultaneo di decollo e atterraggio
Di Paul Wu

Chiudo gli occhi. La schiena contro un muro arancione inondato di buon mattino dalla luce di un sole spagnolo. Nelle mie orecchie il suono del fluttuare delle onde, ampie abbastanza da lasciare una pausa tra il fragore dell’acqua sull’acqua, e quello dell’acqua sugli scogli. Nel mio cuore c’è un grumo di tristezza che sale alle mie palpebre e le fa gonfiare. La persona che guida la meditazione ripete in un inglese non nativo: “L’amore è l’unica cosa che conti. Trova l’amore. Trova la luce dentro di te.” Continue reading

“The Wedding Cake” screened one year after at the Brussels Independent Film Festival!

As I announced one year ago, The Brussels Independent Film Festival selected The Wedding Cake for the 2021 festival, but due to the Belgian COVID-19 situation and government regulations, the screening was postponed to the 2022 edition.

The screening is tomorrow starting 9 pm and I feel very sad for not being there… It is probably the last time my short will be screened at a festival, and it feels melancholy to understand it’s the end of its journey! But it’s been two FANTASTIC years, with seventy-nine festival participation and countless prizes and nominations! Thankfulness, satisfaction, incredulity and pride predominate of course, but I can’t help feeling sadness, too!

“The Wedding Cake” Won the Cultura Caotica FF!

I am very glad to announce that The Wedding Cake won the 12th edition of the Cultura Caotica Film Festival!

This was the 79th festival competition for The Wedding Cake (and most probably the last!) and it feels strange and astonishing how far this little film managed to travel since the beginning of its journey, two years ago! With 15 wins and 10 nominations, I am honestly very satisfied.

I am truly thankful to everyone who gave their contribution to make it possible! My big gratitude to Mikael Moiner, Adriana Rosati, Astrid Hallén, Veli-Matti O Äijälä, Amer Kapetanović, Riccardo Cimino, Giulia Colavolpe Severi and last but not least of course Simon Häggström and Talita.

Thank you all for an amazing 2021!

I was so lucky to end this fruitful 2021 will this lovely trophy assigned by the Noto International Film Festival, to the editor of The Wedding Cake, Mikael Moiner!

It’s been quite an amazing journey for me, with some 40 festival selections, resulting in 5 finals and 7 wins! I have also received two funds to complete my feature for which The Wedding Cake is a pilot (The Ultimate Prostitution & Porn Anthology) and could thus complete a total of 4 chapters of the 16 that the film will constitute of!

I have been invited as budding talent to both of the encompassing event in Sweden, Uppsala and Bergman’s Week, and I have also received a grant for the test translation from Italian to Swedish of my coming novel Klara!

I have held some exciting masterclasses about short film distribution and social media strategies and I also translated some poems by the Swedish iconic poetess Karin Boye into Italian.

It’s been a mind-blowing unimaginable year, and I want to thank each of the jury members, consultants, advisors and voters for giving me such a responsive, beautiful feedback about my work: you made it a very special year for me!

Public Financing for the Translation of my New Novel “Klara”!

What a surprise! Who would have imagined that my new novel “Klara” would be selected by the jury of the writers’ guild Författarcentrum Väst to be among the donees of the fund allocated by the Region of Västra Götaland to writers in foreign languages? I am extremely thrilled that the accomplished translator Helena Monti is going to translate − from Italian to Swedish − some ten pages of “Klara” next year, which I will use to find a local publisher in Sweden!