Three new selections for “The Wedding Cake”!

Three new selections to festivals for “The Wedding Cake”! I am pretty astonished!!

The Minikino is one of the finest short film festival of south-east Asia and I am quite proud of this selection! It should be held in September in Bali, if Covid allows!

I am also extremely happy of being semi-finalist at the Reale Film Festival in Cinisiello Balsamo (Milan), as their slogan is “We’re not cool, we’re real”: definitely my cup of tea!

Last but not least, the Fem Tour Truck, a festival that generates and moves on from Baskia to touch half the European continent and Sud America, touring its program around the world in a small bus: this is what I call cool!
For the Fem Tour Truck, my short is competing as videoart… soooo exciting!

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The Reykjavik prizes!

I am so glad I finally received the prizes I won for getting awarded at the Reykjavik Feminist Film Festival with “The Wedding Cake”!

A sculpture created by the architect and blacksmith Hallgerður Kata Óðinsdóttir, and a necklace made by the jewelry designer Gera Kristín Lárusdóttir. What a feeling to be able to touch them in real llife!

New project for “Dumb Flesh”!

It was a great day yesterday, we drove to Malmö, in the Scania region, to meet up with Cristina Hagander, an artist that works using first watercolor and ink, and then embroidery.

Cristina is the artist who interprets one of the narrations that will be part of my artistic documentary “Dumb Flesh”, of which “The Wedding Cake” is a pilot. Together with her I will try to tell a very difficult story, and I am sure that something truly unique and original will come out of this.

Yesterday Mikael Moiner prepared the photographic set on which Cristina will be able to create the necessary material for the animation. Meeting her was truly a pleasure, both under the personal and the artistic point of view.

“The Wedding Cake” wins the Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest!

I’m really happy that TWC has won again!! This time I am particularly glad because much of my work regarding prostitution in Europe has Romania as focus, being it a country battered by a poverty that forces many girls to become meat for slaughter in the inhuman German brothels. Winning at the Bucharest Shortcut Cinefest is a wishful sign for me for my future work in the fight against prostitution and pornography. So, once again, thank you Simon Häggström and Talita for leading my way!

I want to remind that this short is in all respects a “pilot” for a larger artistic project on these issues, and therefore I was extremely pleased that it was not only a finalist for the animation contest, but also for the experimental video section! In this sense, I want to thank once again who contributed with the aesthetic aspects of the short, Mikael Moiner Photography and Adriana Rosati. THANK YOU!!

“The Wedding Cake” at the Demetera Paris International FF!

New selection for my “The Wedding Cake” by the adorable Demetera international film festival in Paris, that will have this time an online event.

I am so delighted to be there, at least in spirit!

You can participate to the festival on 8th – 10th of May by tuning in the Demetera YouTube channel here.