World premiere in Milan for “Gang Dance”!

This piece of news that makes me crazy with joy! My VR360 short film “Gang Dance” will have its world premiere in Milan tomorrow Friday, Nov. 25, in the Aula Crociera Alta at the University of Milan, Via Festa del Perdono, 7, and will be shown starting at 3 p.m.

In fact, “Gang Dance” has been selected by the magnificent Filmmaker Festival (started in 1980!) that is being held from November 18 to 28 this year.I am really ultra-happy that it is finally possible to see this work in which I put all my passion, heart and great effort together with Mikael Moiner, who magnificently took care of all the technical and visual part of the short film! My deep thanks also go to Lovisa Charlier, Rebecca Evanne, Jesse Todd Bechard, Gustaf Jönsson, Toby Kassell, Oliver Mahar, Luisa Fanciullacci, Carl Erskine, Berith Stennabb, Cassandra Hedberg, Flemming Borgen-Nielsen, Sara Tirelli, Therese Larsson, Per Larsson, Adriana Rosati, Adriana S. Tiago, and to all the partners and friends involved:

Linholmen Science Park Visual Arena – Gorki Glaser-Müller, Catrine Henriksson, Gunnar Eriksson

Västra Götalands Region / Filmcloud – Martin Hammar, Anna Åkerström, Lotta Eldh

Kultur i Halland – Anna Eriksson

Gothenburg Film Studios – Paul Blomgren DoVan, Ylva Olsson

Film i Väst – Cattrine Fransson, Gus Kaage

Filmkontoret Göteborg – Ulf Sigvardsson, Martina Eriksdotter

Atalante – Niklas Rydén, Hannes Rydén, Tomas Persson Carlberg

and Olof Persson, Catherine McGilvray, Monica Milocco, Per Vihlevi

The trailer is here: