As far as fiction writing goes, I published two novels in Italian, the first one Gotcha umbrella-haired girl (Tana per la bambina con i capelli a ombrellone) for Rizzoli Publishing with the pseudonym Monica Viola in 2008.

The second one was published in 2019 with the title To Die Free (Di morire libera), that will be republished again with a new title Michelina Di Cesare, Bandit (Michelina Di Cesare, briganta) in April 2023 with Lorusso Editore. It is dedicated to the historical figure of Michelina Di Cesare, a female outlaw who lived in the second half of the eighteen century.

In 2007 I also curated an anthology of short stories (both mine and others’) that I am very proud of, entitled Tutti giù all’inferno (Giulio Perrone Editore 2007).
All my other short stories have been published in various other anthologies, and online.

I am co-editor-in-chief for  La poesia e lo spirito, a prominent lit-blog in Italy, and I have collaborated with various magazines such as Nazione Indiana, Carta, Accattone, Loop Magazine, BlackmailMag, Carmilla, FaM, Il Grandevetro, INCIQUID, Wu Ming Foundation, Kai Zen, Origine, Rassegna Sindacale, Terranullius, Toilet and Unonove.

My stories have also been published on various collected books such as Babbo Natale è strunz (together the the musician Andrea Chimenti, 80144 Edizioni, 2010), Assedi e paure nella casa Occidente (Senzapatria Editore, 2010), Il lavoro e i giorni (Ediesse, 2008), Allupa allupa (DeriveApprodi, 2006) and Copyleft (Gaffi Editore, 2005).

I wrote two short theatrical plays that have been played on stage. Sometimes I even write some poetry.