A new piece for “Nordic Model Now”

During the latest Göteborg Film Festival I watched a feature film by the Swedish directress Ninja Thyberg which made both furious and sad. I am very proud that Nordic Model Now hosted this very long piece about it which I just felt compelled to write.

It is not at all about the film as such (which I appreciated) but about the content and its message.

I want to thank Vanessa McCulloch who was editing the first draft of this piece.

The deception of “Pleasure”

Ninja Thyberg’s film “Pleasure” depicts a quite simple story: a 19-year old girl from Sweden travels to Los Angeles in order to become a porn star. She starts with more traditional performances but realizes that if she wants a break-through she must do more extreme scenes; so, she agrees to BDSM and double anal, with apparent indifference. The only time she feels violated is during a shoot where the male actors are very aggressive and she reacts showing emotional distress. Continue reading

The more conventional but still exciting Nolan of “Interstellar”

It may be that none of the fans of the most cerebral contemporary director around thinks that Interstellar is his best film. Indeed, many of them have been disappointed. Perhaps because the tributes to Tarkovsky and Kubrick are too obvious, to the point of becoming quotes or counter-quotes; or perhaps because, apart from the complexity of the idea of wormholes, or the law of gravity, too many things are “explained” at the end. And sometimes it has the feel of “the happy American family”, especially at the beginning, when some of the dialogue is naive and condescending, sometimes a little cheesy, too Spielbergian (the director for whom the movie was originally written). This is not what Nolan fans are looking for. And the most loyal −or the fussiest−have noticed some inconsistencies in the script, yes, even a few mistakes at the scientific level, that has negated the pleasure of “mechanical perfection” enjoyed elsewhere with this director. For some, even the most important Nolanian concept −the love conquers all message− is considered a shortcut.

Continue reading