“The Wedding Cake” awarded at the Afrodite Shorts!

I feel really speechless for getting an award at the 2021 edition of the Afrodite Shorts Film Festival for The Wedding Cake!

My thanking video (in Italian!) for receiving a Special Mention award at the closing ceremony of this 18th edition! I am overwhelmed for getting this recognition from such an important institution, and such a stylish statuette! It is a perfect replica of an ancient Etruscan artwork, I am extremely proud!!

“The Wedding Cake” at the LA Femme Short Film Festival

Another small festival for The Wedding Cake, the LA Femme Film Festival. Cool!

Online Facebook presentation of my novel “To Die Free”!

Supernice presentation of my novel!! Any of you that understands Italian is most welcome to watch 😉 ❤

“The Wedding Cake” at the Greenwich Village FF with Q&As!

This is sweet! The Wedding Cake is finalist in the animation category of the Greenwich Village Film Festival, that has reached its 6th edition this year! The event will be online, which gives me the splendid opportunity of participating despite the distance!

A live Q&A will be held on March 12, on Friday, at 11 am local time, that is 5 pm CET (my time!). I have the honor of having the festival co-founder and president Alessia Gatti as moderator: I am so grateful and thrilled!

My project selected by Visual Arena Lab!

NOW I can finally disclose this sparkling piece of news!!

My VR film project Gang Dance (which is part of my larger project Silent Flesh) has been selected by Visual Arena at Lindholmen Science Park for financing and technical support! Now I have five weeks ahead of me to create the world’s coolest VR dance short film ever made so far!

I humbly thank Gorki Glaser-Müller, Ylva Olsson, Martin Hammar and Anna Eriksson who believed my project was worthwhile!
I feel challenged – to say the least! – but I know I will get help from Mikael Moiner for all the technicalities, guidance by Lovisa Charlier and hopefully more support and help from those who will want to undertake this short and intense journey with me!

I am also proud that a still from my installation Just Looking was selected as an illustration image for Visual Arena’s post, even more so because it portrays my friend Valeria Palmacci, choreographer, dancer and actress who participated in that project, who’s having her birthday just today! ❤

“The Wedding Cake” at the Doc.London!

The good news continues! The Wedding Cake is selected for the Doc.London Documentary Film Festival 2021, which is part of the Tarkovski Project! It is my first participation with TWC in the UK!

The organizers have decided to postpone the screenings to next year and host a double edition then, due to the current COVID-19 situation in the UK.
But winners will be announced at the end of March by the international jury.

“The Wedding Cake” at the Impacte!

It feels great The Wedding Cake was selected for this very ambitious and strong new Catalan festival, the IMPACTE! Festival de Cinema i Drets Humans de Catalunya!

The festival is scheduled to have both a live screening program in four Catalan cities (Barcelona-Girona-Lleida-St. Feliu de Llobregat) from 8 to 11 April, and then an online version 12 to 25 April!

Interview for iFF!

I love this interview I gave to iFilmFestival in connection to my participation to the Brussels Independent Film Festival with The Wedding Cake, it was fun!

One-on-one with Filmmaker Monica Mazzitelli – “I am a hopeless optimist”

Monica Mazzitelli, feminist directress and writer, Rome-born and Sweden-based, has filmed some twenty-five short films (documentaries, narrative films, videos, promos, booktrailers).
Her latest film, the animated short ‘The Wedding Cake’, tells the story of a young woman who is forced to become a prostitute in order to settle her ex-husband’s debts. Her destiny is narrated through Playmobil figurines and a wedding cake that disappears along with the woman’s illusions.
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