A petition for jazz pianist Esbjörn Svensson

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Swedish jazz pianist Esbjörn Svensson would have turned 56 today, had he been alive. I believe that in these coronavirus times we have all understood the importance of Beauty in our lives and how fundamental it is to be connected to all Arts.
Music is especially essential for our well-being and jazz is one of its most elegant manifestations. And Esbjörn is one of its biggest giants of all time.
I miss him every day and I feel that there is a risk that he may be forgotten by the future generations unless something is done to protect his memory.
I wanted to urge the mayor of Stockholm to create some public spaces to cherish his legacy and I decided to address a petition for that. Many of the most important Swedish and European jazz musicians I could get a hold on have been so kind to join me, so I am launching this campaign that will be active for a couple of months. I will close it on the 14th of June, which is the sad anniversary of Esbjörn’s passing away, 12 years ago.
I hope many of you will like to join me in this request. Thank you ❤️
[A special thank you to Christian Spering (the first bass player in the trio!) who gave me this original photo of Esbjörn, from the mid-eighties ❤️ ]
Thank you Anita Svensson and Eva Svensson for letting me take this initiative, and thank you Magnus Öström and Dan Berglund for being the first one to endorse it. And thank you so much Anton Eger, Arild Andersen, Asja Valcic, Bugge Wesseltoft, Christian Spering, Daniel Karlsson, Espen Eriksen, Fredrik Lundin, Helge Lien, Ida Sandlund, Iiro Rantala, Ivo Neame, Jacob Karlzon, Jeanette Lindström, Joakim Milder, Lina Nyberg, Karin Hammar, Lars Danielsson, Maria Pia De Vito, Marius Neset, Martin Hederos, Mats Eilertsen, Nils Landgren, Nils Petter Molvaer, Peter Danemo, Rita Marcotulli, Sören Bebe, Ulf Wakenius, Viktoria Tolstoy
Please sign on Change.org
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“Dignity” and “The Coltrane Code” on Herflix!

It feels really cool that two of my shorts have been selected by Herflilx channel now!

You can watch the multi awarded documentary “Dignity” with English subtitles here, for one USD only, or “The Coltrane code” (hitting 30 international festivals!) for free here! If one dollar matters for you right now, let me know and I’ll fix that somehow:)

From their presentation on the channel:
Dignity WhyWatch: An empowering, cinematic & emotional documentary narrating the poetry & splendor of 20 girls building their lives in a Mozambique orphanage to find dignity for themselves as women. Featured & Awarded in 71 Film Festivals. Film from WIFT Sweden
The Coltrane Code WhyWatch: Multiple Festival Winner. A Film Noir feel and aesthetic without falling into female stereotypes. An espionage game of chess in Rome between a saxophonist and a mysterious European woman. Film from WIFT Sweden

EPK for Karin Hammar Fab 4

Being an artist myself, I am certainly going thru dire times in this global crisis, so I am currently unable to support other artists with monetary means.
What I can do is to give them my time and skills, hoping that some good will come out of it.
In this case, I offered my time to prepare this promo video for Karin Hammar Fab 4 together with the very best Mikael Moiner Photography.
I had therefore the privilege of listening to the new album already now, and… keep on the outlook for September, ‘coz it’s amazing! Congratulations Karin Hammar, you rock – or, better – you jazz!I