Women, reject your menstrual pain

I have been sitting on this article for many years: it has taken this long for me to finally feel ready to metabolize such a delicate subject as the loss of my ability to be a mother. And even if I’m still feeling resistant to the idea of retracing my calvary, I have decided to do it to settle an intimate debt of sisterhood to all women, who I want to honor at any cost.

We’re talking about a disease that’s very common but virtually unknown. Not only to us laypeople, unfortunately, but to doctors themselves. Not only to general practitioners—if only that were so—but also to specialists, or rather gynecologists, both male and female, who should, really should, know everything about this disease that strikes 176 million women on this planet. One hundred and seventy-six million women. Conservative figures refer to 10% of the female population. Continue reading

The #metoo revolution, without Italy

[Some sad reflections about the flop of the #metoo in Italy. Originally published in Italy (in Italian) by “Le Donne Visibili”, “La Poesia e lo Spirito” and “Popoff”. Illustrated by Eliana Como. Translation edited by Cinzia Guerriero and Niko Despopoulos]

A feeling like a point of no return.
Like in H.C. Andersen’s tale – The Emperor’s New Clothes – at one point a scream was enough: so too were the first women in the Hollywood Star System who had the courage to let out and come clean of shame, anger, frustration, fear and uncertainty. From there, a few days later, the first post with #metoo hashtag starts to spread around and in a couple of nights it becomes an avalanche. Figures are updated by the hour to count thousands and thousands western women who have found the strength to tell their story from the multitude. Whether it concerned a harassment on a bus or a rape, so many hands rose, and the river became a flood, an event that was impossible to ignore. Thanks to the social networks, Western women finally met, though without having ever set eyes on each other, and in the sisterly and warm wave of saying “me too” formed a sort of alliance, with the strength that women have when they get too tired to slip anything else thru. Continue reading

New piece: “The lost generation of porn kids”

I am really excited that my piece about the essay Visuell drog published by Southside Stories Förlag is now available in English as well, thanks to Popoff Quotidiano that just published it!

The Lost Generation of Porn Kids
Everything we do not know about online pornography told in a fundamental essay published in Sweden

A book titled “Visual drug – on kids, youth & onlineporn” (“Visuell drog – Om barn, unga och nätporr”, Kalla Kulor Förlag, 2016) was recently published in Sweden, and it would be worth translating it into other languages. The writers are two powerhouses: Maria Ahlin – the young president of Freethem, an organization preventing demand for prostitution – and Ulrica Stigberg – a priest stationed at Fryshuset, Stockholm’s most important and vital youth center. Continue reading