Thank you IFEMA!

What an amazing experience the Ifema filmfestival with my short “Just Looking” screened in front of a sold-out theater Panora in Malmö! Thank you for organizing such an exciting and memorable event that filled my heart with joy, pride and love 🙏🏻

And congratulations to my filmmaking sisters for having made so relevant, meaningful and beautiful shorts, it was such an excellent program! Shortfilm at its best! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

“Just Looking” at the IFEMA festival in Malmö!

Dear friends from Southern Sweden, I hope I can see you at the Biograf Panora Malmö on Saturday February 4th from 4:30 pm when my short “Just Looking” is goint to be screened at the one and only IFEMA film festival! I have many to thank for this, starting with the Sverige Filmforbund that gave me a grant to travel to the festival! Thank you! ❤
Be there!!!

LÖRDAG 4 FEBRUARI 2023 KL. 16:30–18:30
Swedish Shorts & Champagne

Please check out the event on Facebook here!

“The Wedding Cake” finally in Malmö for IFEMA!

I was hoping I would get to participate to this lovely festival one day, ever since I moved to Sweden!!!

I am SO delighted and proud of being part of this important event, the IFEMA – International Female Film Festival Malmö is the oldest Swedish festival with focus on directresses! The Wedding Cake is one of the seven cherry-picked shorts featuring in the Saturday 17 April program at the Cinema Pandora (my favorite!), starting at 6 pm. Tickets are sold here.