Festival number 50 for “The Wedding Cake”!

The Wedding Cake reaching its 50th selection by entering the prestigious and beautifully curated Afrodite Short film festival in Rome! It’s hard to believe my little short reached this far, I’m delighted!!

The festival will take place from March 29 to 31 thru the platform Mymovies, and will be competing among other 20 shorts. The list is also here on Cinecittà News.

“The Wedding Cake” meets students in Lecce!

I am really proud The Wedding Cake is going to screened at the Lecce Film Festival whenever that is going to take place, after the health restrictions!

In the meanwhile, I am extremely excited that I will be meeting girls and boys from a local school in Lecce next week, online, to talk about my ideas about filmmaking and art in general.

This is really cool, I very much look forward to this, especially because I am very fond of this festival, where my first narrative short, “Midsommar”, was selected back in 2014! The Lecce Film Festival was actually the first festival I ever traveled to, and I will never forget that.

A new piece for “Nordic Model Now”

During the latest Göteborg Film Festival I watched a feature film by the Swedish directress Ninja Thyberg which made both furious and sad. I am very proud that Nordic Model Now hosted this very long piece about it which I just felt compelled to write.

It is not at all about the film as such (which I appreciated) but about the content and its message.

I want to thank Vanessa McCulloch who was editing the first draft of this piece.

“The Wedding Cake” finalist at the jellyFEST Film Festival!

Cool! A new positive result for The Wedding Cake, landing on 27-28 March in Los Angeles for the jellyFEST film festival! This year it will be obviously an online event, where TWC is competing as finalist. Let’s hope for the best! 🙂

Juror for the Sveriges Kortfilmfestival

I feel very honored for having been invited to be a juror at the oldest Swedish film festival, the Sveriges Kortfilmfestival!

It is not the first time I am appointed for this task, and I really enjoy it.

This is the Facebook announcement – in Swedish! 🙂

Juryn är nu komplett och vi tackar för alla förslag från er som vi tar med oss till nästa år.
Vi välkomnar årets sjätte…

Publicerat av Sveriges Kortfilmfestival Tisdag 2 februari 2021

“The Wedding Cake” at the 2021 Brussels Independent Film Festival!

A very sweet piece of news with a bitter taste at the end: The Brussels Independent Film Festival has selected The Wedding Cake for the 2021 festival, but due to the Belgian COVID-19 situation and government regulations, the festival team has decided to postpone the 2021 edition by a year, making the 2022 a double edition with double screenings!
In the meanwhile, however,
an international jury will rate this year’s official selection and winners will be announced on 12 February. So fingers crossed!

“The Wedding Cake” at the FIPADOC!

The festival rain continues! This time the French FIPADOC – Festival International Documentaire, that focuses on documentaries.

While the part dedicated to trade professionals only is currently taking place online, the regular festival screenings are delayed until further notice due to the current pandemic situation.

When the actual festival starts in Biarritz, “The Wedding Cake” will have the great honor of being screened during the closing ceremony event!

The Wedding Cake at the Ibiza Cinefest!

New selection for The Wedding Cake! The festival dates are still not clear, as the pandemic still makes it wholly uncertain, but sooner or later the Ibiza Cinefest will take place and I am very proud and happy to be participating to a such a high-profile festival!