“The Wedding Cake” at the Boden International Film Festival

In these hard and worrying days it feels so nice to have something to celebrate!

The Wedding Cake will be screened at a festival in one of the towns located farthest north of Sweden: Boden!

I’d love to visit that part of the country where I have never been, but it does not look like I will be able to fulfill my dream this time either, as the festival will take place in just a few weeks… but I hope there will be other occasions soon!

Trailer for “The Wedding Cake”

Some of you ask me where it is possible to watch my new short, but right now it is only available for festival screenings.
I have therefore prepared its trailer, with Mikael Moiner, to give you a glimpse on it. Enjoy!

“The Coltrane Code” finally on Youtube!

It feels really cool to be able to show my short film from 2015, “The Coltrane Code”. It is a noir jazz inspired short that was selected by some thirty international film festivals where it gained nominations and prizes. It is quite out-of-the-box story for my standards, but there is still a feminist point in it, if you look carefully 🙂

Thanks to everyone who made this film possible, including the jazz giant John Coltrane, and my favorite musician of all times, Esbjörn Svensson.

I hope you enjoy it!

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New project starting with Annalena Mayor Ekeblad!

Today I had a very exciting meeting with an iincredible artist, not only bubbling creative but also widely talented and technically skilled:  Atelje’ Anna Lena Mayor Ekeblad. I knew her for a ceramist and I had seen her work with lettering, so I thought we were going to talk about this today.

Then I got to see her other stuff, where she is using other techniques and being more figurative, so I ended up giving her a commitment on a new project, connected to my docudrama about prostitution adn pornography, for which “The Wedding Cake” is actually a pilot!

We can’t wait to get started! ❤️

Presentation of “The Wedding Cake” at the Göteborg Film Festival’s premiere!

Oh… it’s been so exciting to introduce “The Wedding Cake” for its Swedish premiere at the Gothenburg Film Festival! Here’s some photos with most of the team!!