“Silent Flesh” selected for public funding from Göteborg Stad!

This has been an incredible week for me and my artistic animated documentary project “Silent Flesh”, for which “The Wedding Cake” was a pilot. I just received a financing for it by Göteborg Stad, one of the important public financing support of West-Sweden! It makes me very proud as the selection was fierce, and no matter how sure I feel about my project, I was trying not have any expectations whatsoever.
This means that I will be able to dedicate myself 100% to this exciting project for the coming months, writing the last scripts, finding the artists to collaborate with, and finalizing the whole project for the Fall with my co-producer Lovisa Charlier at Tangram Film.
I’m so grateful and elated!

A grant from SFV

I am SO proud!!!!
The Sveriges Film- och Videoförbund (SFV) in collaboration with the Sveriges Kortfilmfestival have bestowed a grant to me in order to support me in the development of my next project connected to the animation documentary film that I have been working on since 3 years now.
My next story is called “The Tunnel” and it is probably the toughest to tell, but I will manage with the help of the glorious embroidery artist Cristina Hagander, my partner in life and editing Mikael Moiner and last but not least the fantastic animator Flemming Borgen-Nielsen, who is going to make sense of this all 🙂
The project is developing really well under the wings of Lovisa Charlier from Tangram Film!