“The Wedding Cake” at Generazione Mai Più – Messina!

Those of you that follow me are aware by now that my feature docudrama project “The Ultimate Prostitution & Porn Anthology” (for which The Wedding Cake is a pilot) is basically targeting secondary school kids. My goal is for teenagers to watch it and get some off-the-record perspective about what’s going on with selling one’s body for sex, be it in front of a camera or not.

Therefore, you will surely understand my total bliss when I heard that the High School Liceo Artistico “E. Basile” in Messina, Sicily, was going to work on The Wedding Cake for their story board assignment! Their work – and mine! – will be shown tonight at the “Generazione Mai Più” event in my beautiful Messina!

“The Wedding Cake” at the Cineclub dei Piccoli

The Wedding Cake at the Il Cineclub dei Piccoli in Palermo, how nice!