The Coltrane Code, my new short film, a noir spy story!

Finally online the teaser of my latest short film, The Coltrane Code!

This time i decided to shoot a short spy story with a noir taste, playing with some stereotypes. there are more messages here than what one would imagine, even though I am possibly the only one who pays attention to them 🙂 The story was taken from a dream done by a prestigious Swedish sax player, Joakim Milder, who posted it on fb: something clicked there, and I decided to shoot it.

I hope it is a good story, and this is the synopsis:
A saxophonist returns to his hotel after a gig. In his room, he finds a woman that introduces herself as Irina. She tells him she was at the gig, asks him if he would like to transfer coded messages through music. Will he become a spy?

Here’s the titles, anyway:

Di – By
Monica Mazzitelli

Produced by – Produzione
Molly Bloom Productions

Sceneggiatura – Script
Monica Mazzitelli & Marco Cipriani

Soggetto – Storyline
Joakim Milder

Con – With
Alberto Gimignani: Andrea
Guenda Goria: Irina
Maurizio Capuano: double bassist
Alberto Botta: drummer
Massimo Amato: the boss
Giada Benedetti: audience
Lorenza Bohuny: audience
Alessandra Mazzoccoli: audience

Fotografia – Photography
Giovanni Andreotta

Montaggio – Editing
Cinzia Bolognini

Assistant Director – Aiuto Regista
Cinzia Bolognini

Production Sound Mixer
Diego Piotto

Camera Assistant – Operatore
Federico Vio

Gaffer – Tecnico delle luci
Marco Alzetta

Electrician – Elettricista
Alen Palomba

Make up artist
Claudia Lipari

Musica – Music
Daniel Karlsson Trio
Tore Brunborg
Igor Marino