“Midsommar” competing at the Hope-First festival, with “Dignity” hors concours

I am always extremely happy when my first important short film, “Midsommar”, gets selected for a festival after so many years. It remains my favorite narrative short and I get very emotional when it is competing somewhere!

This time especially as I really like this festival in its political intentions. The Hope-First FF aims to human rights and anyone can watch all the competing films on its Youtube channel. The film that are most watched will be joint into a single movie that is broadcasted on the conclusive event on July 14th, 2018. So should you want to watch it (again?) it can be a good idea to do so here.

And even “Dignity” is present, hors councours! You can see it here!

Interviewed by Vatican Radio

A couple of shots taken during my interview about my novel “Di morire libera” [“To Die Free”] at Radio Vaticana with Rosario Tronnolone, in the company of Meg Mason and Mara Miceli.

Some shots from the Venice Biennale 2017

Some shots I took at the Venice Biennale 2017.