“Dignity” at the Alive Doc Festival!

A new laurel added to the heap of the recognitions received by “Dignity”! My documentary was selected by 33 festivals so far, and has received awards by 9 of them, almost one third of the total, WOW!

This weekend it was screened online at the Alive Doc – International Documentary Film Festival in Los Angeles.

I can’t stop looking at this beautiful poster!

“The Coltrane Code” at the UnderGround FilmFest

New selection for my “Coltrane” at a festival wholly dedicated to very scary films, wow!!

This is a lot of fun, I love my short to be screened there, and I hope I will reach the final that will take place during the week 14th to 19th of November at the Art Gallery Caffé Teatrino del Guasco in Ancona, Via Matas 21 – Vicolo Bonarelli. I will keep you posted on the screening schedule!

“Midsommar” also selected for the Premio Cinematografico Palena!

Well, I found out about this only now but…  better late than never! Midsommar was selected also for the very prestigious Premio Cinematografico Palena, that picked it with other 60 films among the over 5000 shorts received!
Without wanting to repeat what I already wrote about the Västerås Filmfestival, I am just too happy for this new unexpected acknowledgement, yay!!

“Midsommar” at the Västerås Filmfestival!

A few years ago I filmed a short out of a story I had written in Swedish and Italian, called Midsommar. Thanks to the push received by Maestro Max Fuschetto, who composed its score before I even thought about filming it, I ended up shooting it in Stockholm, a few years ago, with the important musician Andrea Chimenti in one of the leading roles, and with some young Swedish telents. Among them, the stunning Molly Sehlin – a young Ingrid Bergman – and Eliot Waldfogel, another big talent that is walking a paved way into cinema.
Behind the camera Fernando Maraghini, who really expressed the deepest meaning of this film, and for the editing I had the honor of collaborating with the great Luca Gasparini. For the special touch given to the colors, which really makes a huge difference for the film, I have to thank the incredible Debora Vrizzi.

I am convinced that this short film obtained much less than its actual worth, and for me it is still the best thing I have directed so far. This is why is am so happy every time it get some recognition, like this time it has been selected to participate to the Västerås Filmfestival, that picked it among the 2502 films received.

The screening will be October 1st, at 10, and I am curious to see how the public will react to it.

“Dignity” at the Karelian International Film For Youth Festival!

Sounds like a funny old Cold War episode, but right after the selection for the US it is now the turn of the Russian Federation! 🙂

I am very glad Dignity was selected to the Karelian International Film For Youth Festival that will take place in Petrozavodsk, in the Karelian Republic, between the end of October and the beginning of November.

“Dignity” at the Los Angeles Femme Film Festival of Beverly Hills!

The advantage of having watched “Pretty Woman” six hundred times is that when you receive an email from a festival located on Wilshire Blvd. you automatically know that they are contacting you from  Beverly Hills 🙂

Kidding apart, I am sooooo happy about this new (nth?) selection by the LA Femme Film Festival, also because the organizers were very keen on informing me that this year they really had a tought job making decisions, so I could be proud of myself. I really am, for me and for the Girls, that deserve everything and anything.