“A sweet fall”, lyrics by Monica Mazzitelli :)

I am specially elated today because Andrea Chimenti‘s new CD is out, and I have had the huge honor of cooperating with him on this album but writing the lyrics to its only English song, A Sweet Fall“.
I have also shot the video to this song, which will be available soon.. In the meanwhile, if you are curious to listen, you are most welcome to do so at the link below, thank you!


Andrea Chimenti “Yuri”, nuovo album – new album

Andrea Chimenti‘s new album YURI is finally due for tomorrow and I am delighted for many reasons, even personal, as I wrote the lyrics of the only English song contained, “A Sweet Fall”. But I am especially delighted about the beauty of this album, produced by Andrea’s son Francesco Chimenti, a devastating talent, with his equally skilled band mate Davide Andreoni, and recorded and mixed by amazing Stefano Amerigo Santoni, who all play in Italy’s most emerging post rock band, the Sycamore Age.
A visual artist that I love, Sara Zanoni, prepared the 10 teasers of this album, which you can see all together at the link below. Enjoy!