“Dignity” selected for the VII Festival de Cine: Infancia y Adolescencia “Ciudad de Bogotá”!

It is an unexpected joy to be selected for this festival again, this time with “Dignity”, after I had been altredy selected before with “Midsommar”, one of my favorite shorts ever. This festival already impressed me very much back then for its quality, hard work, fantastic venues and audience.

I feel happy and honored to participate once again!

“Dignity” selected for the TMC London Film Festival!

I am particularly glad because this is what the festival stands for: “TheModCon is a multimedia platform that hosts quarterly online film festivals in order to promote and highlight filmmakers and individuals that have contributed to the global effort of raising awareness in aspiration to make the world a safer and better place to live.
TMCLFF aims to promote and recognize those that have walked the extra mile and shown commitment to the international community to inspire others to take action in solving some of the many conflicts we face today.”
Definitely my cup of hot tea.

Marilyn Monroe – A short monologue

[For Marilyn Monroe’s non-90th birthday I decided to post this unpublished monologue, that I wrote with lots of love for a woman that is very very special to me. My clumsy translation into English was thoroughly revised by Ellen McRae]

Me as a child and my mother screaming while laughing. Or laughing while screaming. I don’t know. Angry or happy. I don’t know.

My mother was crazy, I think. Ended up in the loony bin. I did, too, for that matter—a couple of times—maybe three. Once I asked Joe to come and save me. We ran away through the basement…
Joe DiMaggio, my crazy husband who I think loved me more than anyone. Why choose a woman that every American wants to take to bed if you’re jealous whenever anybody even looks at her? It’s like buying a cake when you’re diabetic. But he did love me—in his own crazy and twisted way, trying to suffocate me. With his love. Continue reading