“Dignity” at the Cagliari Solidando Film Festival

This is a very prestigious selection for me, for the Cagliari (Sardinia) Solidando Film Festival, that will take place on 8-11 December 2016!

The most amazing part of it all is that “Dignity” has been accepted to compete even though it did not match to the initial competion requirements. This strong will of having it anyway touches me deeply!

Too bad I will not be able to participate, considering how much I love the beautiful city of Cagliari, that has a special place into my heart…

“Dignity” hours concours at the Pentedattilo Film Festival!!

I have followed this exceptional festival since many years, and I believe it is one of Italy’s best. It is organized with that generous, illuminated stubborness that belongs to those people that are able to make a lot from very little. I must confess I was not only happy but also moved by the news that “Dignity” had been taken hors concours for this festival (documentaries do not compete at Pentedattilo), and so surprised!!

I feel even happier, because “Dignity” is going to be screened in the region, and even better the province where my father originally came from. He would have loved to hear this! Pentedattilo is an adorable very old small town, that holds and incredible charm: check it out!

I invite you to go and watch it Wednesday 7th December at 8.30 pm at the Casa delle Muse at Borgo Antico di Pentedattilo, free entrance!

“Dignity” wins at the G Awards!!

Beutiful news! “Dignity” won another festival, the G Awards in Neaples!

I am so happy for this new award at a festival that really put a lot of effort and energy, and heart, to organize all the aspects of the event.

Unfortunately, I could not fly to Neaples to attend this time, but fortunately the intellectual Giuliana Cacciapuoti, a friend of the great Maestro Max Fuschetto who offered a big share of the score, was so kind to attend on our behalf and receive the cup: here it is!

Many thanks to Giuliana, and to everyone that made this documentary what it is: GRAZIE!

“The Coltrane Code” at the Festival Cine Zaragoza

I am honestly very happy for this selection of my “Coltrane” to such an important and historical festival such as the Festival de Cine de Zaragoza!
Screening schedule to be advised within short! In the meanwhile. the thing that amuses me most is the fact the the short is selected for the section “Aragon Negro“: the name itself already sound real spooky!!