New video: “The Ultimate Independent” by Anywhen

I have just completed a new video I shot for one of my favorite indie bands of all times, Anywhen, led by the musician Thomas FeinerDavid Sylvian loved their third (and last) album, [“The Opiates” (2001)] so much that he decided to rerelease and distribute it -seven years after the first release- for his label Samadhisound. The rerelease included two new songs (on of them the magnificent Yonderhead) and it made this great musician famous abroad. “The Opiates” is still his most popular work, but the first two albums are also very enjoyable even though they sound more like britpop. I decided to have a fun go with The Ultimate Independent, a track from the second album (simply titled “Anywhen”) for which Feiner wrote lyrics I really like: teen and naïve but also full of incorruptible strength and unwillingness to compromise. As actors, I chose two young sisters (Mimi and Agnes Bergquist) and the band’s bassist, Mikael Moiner (Mikael Andersson at the time) that -for this song only- “stole” the role of lead singer from Feiner in the chorus. Peter Hernqvist, Lotta Eldh and Ralf Markenstrand also had some fun with us along the way. This album was released in Sweden in 1996, and in Europe in 1997, so it’s twenty years now! Continue reading