Summary as testament: Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s moral legacy.

Had it not been clear enough, Eastwood in this movie explained and condensed the content of his whole movie production; not only as a director but as an actor as well.
Had it not been clear enough, he showed again the debt and guilt of the US towards the Far East.
Had it not been clear enough, that violence generates violence, that Evil is a choice, and there is a point of no return.
Not clear enough, that there are no races but people, the effort is understanding each other.
Not clear enough, that the greatest evil is the one done against those that depend upon us, those we are not able to protect help and defend as much as we should; the little ones, the uncoping ones.
Not clear yet: when there’s no more life to hope for inside of life, it is right, decent and courageous to die.
Not clear? That the only thing that really counts is to find love, to stay human.
The world owes you gratitude Clint. Don’t go, we really need you.